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Saturday, 29 April 2017

Satiated: Phantogram

It’s weird to leave your house in black fishnet stockings, a small black dress, and tall black suede boots in broad daylight. The neighbors look twice. But when the sultry, electro-rock group Phantogram comes to Santa Barbara, you better look the part.

Just off the first weekend of Coachella, the duo was fresh and full of energy as they performed in front of a completely packed house at the Arlington Theater. Recently transformed into a platinum blonde, Sarah Barthel epitomized the glamorous rock vixen clad in tall leather boots and not much else, while Josh Carter remained true to his jeans and cap. The large crowd itself was an eclectic mixture of casual and over-the-top rock outfits that made people-watching in the lobby a true sport.

Wednesday, 02 November 2016

Are You Listening?

Sing it back! Whoa oh oh oh oh! Jimmy Eat World, a hard edge emo-punk rock band from Arizona, took to the Arlington Theater October 28th in support of their ninth studio album, "Integrity Blues." Their ninth since forming in the early ’90s. That’s a whole lot of emo with a whole bunch of catchy phrases now stuck in your head.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Detour to Fun

Electric blues harmonica player, Charlie Musselwhite, opened this Nederlander Concerts show to a steamy room filled with an eclectic crowd. 

When Cyndi Lauper was a young girl, women didn’t have so many rights, at least not so many choices as they do now. In 1953 women just waited to be married. “What do you want to go to college for,” Cyndi said her Nana asked, in her heavy New York accent. “You’re just gonna get married.” 

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Culture Club. Good Karma.

What is it about time that heals all wounds? I guess there must be something to it because Culture Club, once known for their turbulent dynamics, is now one solid zen machine thirty-five years later.

Saturday, 13 February 2016

No Fleeting Wisp of Glory

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival had the honor of hosting all five Oscar nominated directors at the Outstanding Directors Award tribute this year, creating a scene akin to Camelot’s own  Knights of the Round Table. 

Monday, 08 February 2016

Hello, Nice To Know You

The red carpet is a strange place. Normally experienced from the perspective of the observer as a glamorous affair, the actual process is quite tedious. Actors, directors, and writers are herded down an assembly line of photographers and writers to pose for a million bright flashes of lights and stop for some idle chit-chat. For the first-timers it may appear thrilling, like they have finally ‘made it.’ Yet for veteran actors, it seems like just another part of the job. 

Saturday, 06 February 2016

There’s No One Like Johnny

The word on State Street is Johnny Depp was spotted disguised as a street person sitting on a bench across from the SBIFF Hub the first day of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, taking it all in incognito. After seeing the shy actor accept the Maltin Modern Master Award on Thursday night, I believe that this was probably a true sighting. 

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Lewis Black Turns Up The Heat

For a city that normally does not have weather, it was a hot one in Santa Barbara on September 12. A fact that did not escape comedian Lewis Black, stopping by the Arlington Theater on his “The Rant is Due, Part Duex” comedy tour.

The American Riviera Award was established to recognize actors who have had a strong influence on American Cinema. The two iconic actors honored this night by the Santa Barbara International Film Festival exemplify the spirit of this award. 

To some, movie award season is just a beauty pageant of stars; a time where actors, writers, and directors can compete for the position of top dog of the movie industry. But according to Foxcatcher’s director Bennett Miller, award season, as well as film festivals, are a time to congregate with like-minded people who share your interest and experience in creating movies. Like seeing a fellow general and understanding what he has gone through, and thus bonding immediately. It is a time to meet those whose work you admire, a time to share ideas, and a time to just mingle with your peers.

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